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Title: Epia-T700: seulement 6x6cm
Description: One of the specialities of Via is, without contest, the announcement of smaller and smaller platforms. After the ITX (21.5 cm by 19.5), the Mini-ITX (17 cm by 17), the Nano-ITX (12 cm by 12) and the Pico-ITX (10 cm by 7.5), Via have recently announed the Mobile-ITX (6 cm by 6).

Via has now unveiled the EPIA-T700, a full X86 in the Mobile-ITX form factor. Designed first and foremost for the medical, military and automobile sectors, this 6 cm square is equipped with a 1 GHz Eden ULV processor, the VX820 chipset, 512 MB of DDR2 and a Chrome9 DX9 graphics chip. It comes with a card and supports DVI and USB 2.0 (not built onto the motherboard however).

Lack of power means the EPIA-T700 will be reserved for very specific uses where the small form factor, X86 compatibility and low energy consumption (12W) are important.

Although Via has not been making X86 processors and chipsets for the general consumer for some time, the firm is still very active in the domain of controllers and integrated systems.

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