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Title: Radeon HD 5830: update on the rumour mill
Description: When the 5xxx range was launched, ATI surprised us all by announcing its high (5870/5850) and mid (5750/5770) ranges very close together. With attractive price/performance ratios overall, there is nevertheless quite a gap between the two ranges. From €130/150 for the 5770 we jump to €250 for the 5850, quite a difference both in terms of price and performance.

There has been no shortage of rumours that ATI were about to remedy the situation with the launch of the Radeon 5830, some sources saying that it would be out at the beginning of February. Part of the 58xx range, performances should be pretty good with the smart money on a cut down 5850. Reportedly with 1280 stream processors (288 vec5 units) instead of 1440 (256 vec5 units) and GPU clocks down quite a bit, it retains the 256-bit memory bus to avoid too much of an impact on performance, especially at high resolution. We don’t have any info on the number of ROP units but it isn’t too outlandish to think there’ll be 32, like on the 5850/5870 so as to keep a certain homogeneity in the 58xx range. Some of the rumours put forward a launch price of €239. With this sort of spec at this sort of price, this hypothetical 5830 could well represent one of the best buys in the range in terms of price/performance ratios, as long as there’s enough availability.

Other rumours are talking about it giving slightly superior (even equal) performance to the 4890, with 40nm, DirectX 11 and Eyefinity on top, which would place the 5830 at equal distance between the 5770 and the 5850, which would make sense.

Of course this is all just rumour and speculation right now and can’t be taken as gospel. We’ll just have to wait and see if the 5830 appears at the same time as the 5500 and 5400, which are slated for February.

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