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Title: The price of DDR3 is up
Description: About a month ago we wrote about the relative stability of the price of RAM. While the price of DDR2-800 has remained pretty much constant ($2.43 compared to $2.38 in December), the price of DDR3-1333 has gone up quite a bit.

128 MB of DDR3 now costs $3.07 while a month ago it was only $2.52. As demand for DDR3 is growing, prices may well go up in shops as well.

The price of MLC Flash NAND is however on a downward trend. You can currently get 2GB of MLC Flash NAND for $4.42, as against $4.66 a month ago. While prices are far from what they were 6 months ago, we wanted to highlight this price fall as SSD sales are expected to explode in 2010.

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