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Title: Imagination launch the PowerVR SGX545
Description: In parallel with traditional GPUs, chips built in to mobile devices continue to improve in terms of performance and functionality. Imagination, a major player on the market, has recently announced a new graphics chip: the PowerVR SGX545. This is a successor to the Power VR SGX535 that is used in the Apple iPhone 3GS. For the nostalgic among us, the Dreamcast was also equipped with a PowerVR (a Power VR2, aka CLX2)!

This new version of the chip is based on a programmable architecture that is compatible with DirectX9 and 10.1, OpenGL ES 2.x, OpenGL 3.x, OpenVG 1.x and OpenCL 1.x. With these APIs traditionally found in desktop applications, porting ought to be facilitated to a certain extent. According to Imagination, OpenCL compatability should enable the exploitation of all the power of the chip for usage such as image processing and video, physics in gaming, cryptography and so on.

The SGX545 can process up to 40 million polygons per second with a fillrate of 1 Gpixel per second (at 200 MHz). This is equivalent to a GeForce3 / GeForce 4 type chip, which, in terms of an MID, netbook, smartphone or other low resolution mobile device, is fairly comfortable.

Announced at the same time as the NVIDIA Tegra 2, this chip is already reported to have been licensed by one partner.

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