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Title: CES: AMD 890G
Description: At CES at the ASUS stand, there was a sighting of the M4A89GTO PRO which is based on the RS890, the successor to the AMD 790GX. Unless there’s any change, it will be called the AMD 890G. It’s pretty much a higher end version of the 785G and in principle the same component clocked higher for the Direct X 10.1 IGP, that has a small dedicated memory.

What's more interesting is that the RS890 is linked to the SB800 southbridge that is the first to support SATA 6 Gbps natively. Asus has added a JMicron controller limited to SATA 3 Gbps that will also have an IDE connector. USB 3.0 is not supported either by the chipset or any other component, however, you’ll note a space designed for an additional component next to the connectors – we think this may be for an external USB 3.0 controller.

The M4A89GTO PRO should be with us in the second half of the year.


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