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Title: CES: 3D Vision Surround
Description: To try and pull the rug from out under AMD, get a bit more attention for Fermi and make sure that 3D Vision isn’t competing with Eyefinity, NVIDIA has unveiled 3D Vision Surround. This development of 3D Vision, announced as compatible with Fermi or the GF100, allows the use of 3D stereoscopy across a grouping of 3 screens. This obviously implies that surround gaming will be supported in standard mode as well. The only unknown: will a single card be enough for the solution or will you need the outs of two cards? One thing is sure however, this mode will put a lot of demands on the card and will probably be more at ease with a multi-GPU solution.

Note, still on Fermi, that Jen Hsun Huang confirmed that the GPU was now in production.

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