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Title: Dell launches a 27'' 2560*1440 screen
Description: Up till now, to increase surface area (for a reasonable sum), the best solution was to set up two 1920x1200 or 1920x1080 screens.With a Radeon 5xxx, setting up a 3 or 6 screen solution is envisageable, but for a much higher cost (card + screens). Not to mention 30" screens that are on sale at a frightening price.

Apple has recently come in with its 27" iMac, with a very comfortable 2560x1440 resolution on an IPS panel. Dell have now responded with the announcement of its UltraSharp U2711.

This is a 27" IPS screen at 2560x1440. The panel may well be similar to the iMac panel. Response times have been given at 6ms (which is pretty good for an IPS) and the contrast ratio 1000:1. Connectivity is thorough with an HDMI 1.3 (obligatory given the resolution), a DisplayPort port, 2 DVI-D ports, a VGA, a composite and component, 4 USBs and a card reader.

A pretty high-end screen then, that should delight those who require high resolutions but don’t want to go for a 30-inch. That said, the UltraSharp U2711 does come in at $1049.

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