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Title: 30 GB SSD from Kingston
Description: SSD’s are certainly making waves at the moment! We mentioned the availability of the 40 GB Intel X25-V recently, which is the same as its clone, the 40 GB Kingston V-Series.

In contrast to the Intel, the Kingston is rather difficult to find, even though it does represent an interesting and economical upgrade possibility. Maybe this recent announcement from Kingston is related: a new low cost 30 GB SSD.

Still a 2.5" disk with 34nm Flash NAND, the theoretical read speeds are 180 MB/s and writes 50 MB/s. This makes us think that there’s also an Intel controller in this model. Like the 40 GB V-Series, it gives much lower performance than the best in the sector but amply sufficient to give a responsive system disk thanks to the almost zero access times common to SSDs. The 30 GB size clearly marks it out for such usage.

A promo offer (USA only) is likely to accompany the launch of the product that will be available at $79.99. We can only regret that it isn’t on offer at this price in Europe. It is likely to be on sale at $110 later, which after conversion to euros, would put it a little under the 40 GB X25-V.

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