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Title: A 600 GB Velociraptor?
Description: 2010 will no doubt be the year of the SSD, but magnetic disks haven’t been eclipsed just yet and are still to be valued for their storage capacities and much better cost per gigabyte ratio.

Between these two worlds we have the old star of storage systems: the Velociraptor from Western Digital. At 10,000 rpm and lower access times than a 7200 rpm disk, they still represent a great solution for those who want to increase their machine’s performance. Now dethroned by SSDs, they look likely nevertheless to set off on one final lap.

It looks as if Western Digital are preparing a 600 GB version, with two 300 GB platters. The memory cache is reported to have been doubled to 64 MB. There's also talk of SATA 3 connectivity, which is useless when you think that magnetic disks don’t yet saturate standard SATA.

That said, such a disk may attract those who want to ally high storage capacities with increased responsiveness.


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