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Title: DDR3 -2400 from G.Skill
Description: While the race for megahertz between Intel and AMD is more or less over, the same can’t be said for memory manufacturers. They regularly bring out kits with ever higher clocks or with ever lower timings.

After Corsair, it’s GSkill’s turn to grab the limelight. The firm has announced no less than 5 new 2x2 GB kits, one of which can function at 2400 MHz, with the high timings of 9-11-9-28 @ 1.65v. This gives GSkill an advantage over Corsair with its 2250 MHz kit, at least until Corsair responds. The four other kits function at 2300 and 2000 MHz respectively, all certified at 1.65v.

GSkill says that its kits have been specifically designed for the P55 (socket LGA1156) and even goes as far as recommending an update of the BIOS to get the most out of it. The list of motherboards that are officially compatible with these bars is available on GSkill’s site. That said, these modules should be perfectly functional on an AMD 790FX, perhaps at lower clocks however.


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