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Title: 66.80 GB Blu-Rays?
Description: Blu-Ray discs currently have a very comfortable 25 GB storage capacity, which can be doubled to 50 GB. While such capacities may seem quite sufficient at the present time, you have to keep in mind that the increasing number of films in HD and the arrival (further off) of 3D Blu-Rays will necessitate ever more storage space.

Sony and Panasonic are reported to have introduced some technology that significantly expands the available space. Known as “Maximum Likelihood Sequence Estimation” (rather a mouthful!) it could increase Blu-Ray disc capacity to 33.4 GB per layer for a total of 66.80 GB for a double layer disc! Cherry on the cake, the technology is entirely backwards compatible with current players and lenses via a simle firmware update.

MLSE has not yet been standardised as Sony has not yet filed a request with the Blu-Ray Disc Association. That said, considering that Sony is one of the main members of the organisation in question, adoption shouldn’t pose too much of a problem.


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