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Title: Is EVGA relaunching Skultraill?
Description: EVGA has allowed the photo of a quite particular motherboard to surface. Other than the brand, you can clearly see two 1366 sockets, each accompanied by 4 memory slots. This mystery card is likely to be presented at CES.

The concept isn’t a new one and is reminiscent of the shortlived Skulltrail platform launched at the end of 2007 based on two Xeon E5300s and a 5000X chipset. The question that arises (other than the utility of this type of configuration for the general consumer) is therefore to do with this card’s architecture. Unless EVGA is presenting an entirely new solution, it will probably have to use Xeons, the only socket 1366 processors that are officially compatible with a bi-CPU solution. That said, if the Core i7 9xxs have two active QPI links instead of one, this card should function with these processors.

In any case, the card will be expensive but ought to break new records for the various existing benches as we’re accustomed to seeing overclocking orientated cards from EVGA.

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