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    July 4, 2007

     Quad cores: AMD is late and Intel a million
      Posted on 03/07/2007 at 00:02 by Nicolas
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    AMD officially announced that they would start delivery of Opteron Barcelona quad cores in their standard and low power consumption version starting this summer.

    Its partners should receive the first processors in August and therefore can start selling Barcelona platforms in September. Starting frequencies are equal or less to 2GHz, but they say that they hope to supply faster processors starting in the fourth quarter of this year either in standard or SE (Special Edition). For the Phenom, rumors continue and tend to confirm the information that was leaked during the Computex.According to several motherboard manufacturers, its release will only happen in the first quarter of 2008, which AMD denies.

    At any rate, while they continue to boast about coming solutions, which have the advantage of up to four cores on a single die, Intel has now indicated to have sold more than a million quad core processors. This was particularly thanks to the Xeon 5300 Clovertown, as the sales of the CPU desktop Core 2 Extreme and Core 2 Quad have been relatively low. According to Intel’s projections, this should represent less than 10% of its activities in this area during the third quarter.

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    June 30, 2007
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    July 4, 2007

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