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  • TSMC to progress on 45, 40, 32 and 22nm
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    June 1er, 2007
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    June 5, 2007

     TSMC to progress on 45, 40, 32 and 22nm
      Posted on 04/06/2007 at 21:41 by Nicolas - source: Digitimes
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    According to Jack Sun, VP of Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company essentially known from the general public thanks to some of its clients like Nvidia, ATI or VIA, seems to be taking some giant steps on 32 nm. The latter indicates that a team of more than 200 engineers are working on this manufacturing process and that the first 32nm circuits will be out in Q4, 2009.

    Closer to us, if we already knew that the production of 45nm circuits was about to start in September, we now know that the company is moving quickly for an even more advanced version than this one. Various tests are scheduled for May 2008 to test the fabrication process with as many circuits as possible and this with higher density and higher frequencies while maintaining the leakage current at the same level. This period of the year will also be the time of the official release of the 40nm process.

    Finally, Jack Sun declared that a pilot study for 22nm as currently going on. This announcement is very cautious and pragmatic because TSMC won't probably negotiate this step alone.

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    June 1er, 2007
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    June 5, 2007

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