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    June 8, 2006
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    June 10, 2006

     Computex : Asus digital Home
      Posted on 09/06/2006 at 05:34 by Damien
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    Asus introduced a new concept of high end motherboards: the Digital Home, which in fact these days mean based on Intel CPU. Several models are presented including one based on i975 + ICH7 and another on G965 and ICH8. These motherboards specificity is to be shipped with a consequent bundle that includes a WiFi controller, an antenna, a remote control and the FrontLinker. The latter fits in a 5"1/4 bay and has flash memory card player, audio inputs and outputs and FireWire, USB, e-SATA connectors!

    Have we already seen that before? Yes and no. Because of the Digital Home, everything has been optimised for the multimedia use. Additionally to standard connectors, cables rolled up inside are available in mini-USB, iPod and FireWire. It is also possible to connect an MP3 player when the computer is switched off. FireWire and USB connectors make possible to recharge any type of peripherals. WiFi system remains functional once the computer is switched off.

    The remote controls WiFi, multimedia application of course and the computer switch on and off. It also has a silence function that reduces the fan speed to reduce the computer noise when watching a movie for example.

    These cards will be available in a little bit more than two weeks and Asus told us that it was a very high end product that will be priced over 250€. Asus isn't planning on releasing for now a similar product for AMD platform.

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    June 8, 2006
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    June 10, 2006

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