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    April 13, 2006

     ATI Radeon X1900 GT ?
      Posted on 12/04/2006 at 18:57 by Marc
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    Last March,we heard about a possible X1900 XT, but it will finally be under the X1900 GT denomination that ATI will release the third version of the R580 which objective is to, amongst other things, replace the X1800 XT 256 MB used by ATI to compete with the 7900 GT. VPU and DDR frequencies would be respectively of 575 and 600 MHz as compared to 625 ad 725 MHz for the XT version. It isn't the only modification since the number of pixel shading units will be reduced from 48 to 36 and the number of ROPs from 16 to 12.

    If we think that the X1900GT will be generally faster than the X180 XL thanks to this rather special architecture, it is hard to tell how it will behave compared to the X1800 XT. For most of the games we think that the XT will be in the lead, but the heavier the pixel shader load will be, the smaller the gap between the GT and the XL will be. The GT could even be faster in some cases.

    According to DailyTech, the X1900 GT production will start mid April. The cooling system will be of single slot type and the pricing around $300.

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    April 10, 2006
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    April 13, 2006

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