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    March 14, 2005

     CeBIT : AMD and the dual core
      Posted on 12/03/2005 at 02:59 by Marc
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    Like last year, AMD didn’t have any dedicated stand but several meeting rooms. In these meeting rooms, the main subject of discussion was the Turion 64 announced yesterday. The public presence was via partner stands. For non mobile processor tendency, AMD confirmed the intention to release initially a dual core Opteron processor mid 2005, a market which should be more receptive to this advance than the desktop market initially targeted by Intel.

    So it is only during the second half that dual core AMD processors for Socket 939 will be released. According to AMD, all Socket 939 motherboards will be compatible with dual core processors with a simple bios update. We will have of course to check this information when the processors will be available. The AMD dual core interest is that unlike Intel’s solution both cores will be interconnected internally and won’t unnecessarily overload the fsb and chipset.

    AMD isn’t also planning to stop the evolution of single core processors, but for the moment the manufacturer hasn’t provided any specific information on the release of the future Athlon 64 4200+ and Athlon FX-57. During Q2, the main evolution will be the progressive replacement of Athlon 64 130nm by 90nm, especially those based on the core E which supports the SSE3. We have also noticed hat AMD has updated the official roadmap and replaced the Lancaster code name by the Turion 64 denomination. Except for this modification, nothing has changed compared to the information published last November .

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    March 14, 2005

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