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    August 12, 2004
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    August 16, 2004

     Two PCI Express for VIA
      Posted on 13/08/2004 at 11:45 by Marc
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    Our fellow member x86-secret published some very interesting information on VIA's plans. For the Pentium 4, the PT890 seems canceled or replaced by an almost identical chipset, the northbridge PT894. The PT894 characteristics are:

    - P4 FSB800/1066
    - 2 channels memory
    - DDR-400 and DDR2-667
    - PCI Express (x16 et x4 or 2x1)
    - Ultra V-Link 1066 MB /s

    There are two main changes compared to the PT890. First VIA doesn’t mention any AGP support and that is a shame because only VIA had a chipset project dealing both with the AGP and PCI Express Bus. Then the PT894 is compatible with a FSB1066 unlike the old PT890. This bus will be used by Intel for a new processor series called “Extreme edition”.

    It also has to be said that VIA is planning the release of a PT894 Pro. Compared to the PT894, the PT894 Pro will have two PCI Express graphic ports which will most likely be compatible with the NVIDIA SLI solution. The first PT894 and PT894 Pro samples will be available in September and the real production will start during the last trimester.

    For the Athlon 64 platform, the K8T890 specifications are unchanged. The AGP port isn’t present but the K8T890 manage the PCI Express 16X and the PCI Express 4X port. Like with the PT894, they plan a pro version dealing with 2 PCI Express 16X ports. The K8T890 first samples are on their way and the K8T890 pro should be released before the end of the month. The mass production should start before the end of September.

    Then for the Southbridge, the next innovation is the VT8251, the first samples are currently produced and the real production will start during the 4th semester. The VT8251will manage 4 serial ATA port, have the native Command Queuing, two PCI Express 1X ports and the High Definition Audio….all that just a few month later than Intel.

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    August 16, 2004

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