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     Ivy Bridge compatible with 1155 motherboards
      Posted on 18/02/2011 at 13:30 by Guillaume
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    Ivy Bridge compatible with socket 1155 motherboards.

    The next generation of Intel desktop processors, codename Ivy Bridge, will be compatible with current socket 1155 motherboards. Or at least this is what VR-Zone are saying after getting hold of a document that outlines compatibility. Ivy Bridge will take Intel’s general consumer desktop architecture down to 22nm and will be accompanied by a new chipset (which will support USB 3.0). Current P67/H67 motherboards should be able to accept the new chips.

    The document obtained by VR-Zone.

    Compatibility will work in both directions with Panther Point motherboards supporting current Sandy Bridge processors and Cougar Point motherboards (P67/H67) the future Ivy Bridges. Nothing is written in stone however and Intel will only be communicating on precise voltage recommendations in the summer (the VRM specs haven’t been fixed for Ivy Bridge, SNB uses VR12) and this might alter the situation on some entry-level models. Note that while Ivy Bridge does have a 3.0 type PCI Express controller, the spec does impose design differences on motherboards. A Panther Point motherboard (or specifically PCI 3.0 Cougar Point) will be required to benefit from this CPU feature. To recap, socket 1155 Sandy Bridge processors are only PCI Express compatible.

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