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    February 1er, 2011

     AMD FirePro: the DVI is back
      Posted on 31/01/2011 at 16:04 by Damien
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    In April 2010, AMD rolled out its Radeon HD 5000 GPUs in pro versions, the FirePro Vx800s and 2460 Multi-Views. These models put the accent on DisplayPort connectivity to facilitate multi-screen set ups via Eyefinity, partly abandoning the DVI connector, which is however more widely used, as a result. NVIDIA has followed suit with its latest Quadros, which for the most part, only have a single DVI connector accompanied by two DisplayPort outs.

    All these solutions make use of two 27 or 30’’ screens complicated as an active adaptor is required to convert the DisplayPort signal for the DVI Dual-Link. This solution can be costly and stability, in our experience, is approximative. Although the cost of such an adaptor isn’t really an issue for very high-end models, doing without it allows AMD to increase competitiveness in other segments, at the same time as giving more reliable solutions for this type of screen.

    With this in mind, AMD has just unveiled the FirePro V5800 DVI which has two DVI Dual-Link links instead of just one and they are accompanied by two DisplayPort outs on the standard FirePro V5800. To recap, the FirePro V5800 is similar to the Radeon HD 5770, with lower clocks and a single slot design.

    In the Multi-View range, made up of entry level models designed uniquely for multi-screen displays, AMD has introduced the FirePro 2270. It uses the same little GPU as the Radeon HD 5400s, along with 256 MB of memory. In a low profile format, it only has a single DMS-59 connector that allows the combination of two DVI Single-Link outs. Without DVI Dual-Link support, the card doesn’t really impress opposite the FirePro V3800 which has 512 MB of memory, a faster GPU and a DVI Dual-Link connector as well as a DisplayPort, all for a lower price! The FirePro 2270 has been announced at $149 against $109 for the FirePro V3800.

    Note that the FirePro V5800 DVI is still an ATI FirePro whie the FirePro 2270 is now part of the AMD brand range… and is therefore priced a good deal higher!

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    January 28, 2011
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    February 1er, 2011

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