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  • 3 TB drives and the ASUS Disk Unlocker
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  • 3 TB drives and Windows, practical test
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    December 29, 2010
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    January 1er, 2011

     3 TB drives and the ASUS Disk Unlocker
      Posted on 30/12/2010 at 16:29 by Marc - source: Papy
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    A few weeks ago, ASUS announced the ASUS Disk Unlocker. Reserved for ASUS motherboards, this software allows you to unlock the space on a drive (depending on the manufacturer) beyond 2 TiB / 2.2 TB, at the same time as conserviting MBR type partitions. The attraction is of course being able to use drives that extend beyond this limit as your primary drive without losing the additional space and without requiring a UEFI bios and a 64-bit OS.

    We tested it on a P5B Deluxe motherboard based on the P965, along with a Western Digital Caviar Green 3 TB (WD30EZRS) drive. We created an MBR partition of 2048 GiB on the drive. Disk Unlocker then allowed us to create a virtual drive of 746.52 GB, or the space unused on the drive, which it is then possible to use and format. Although an interesting feature, it remains fragile as on a PC without Disk Unlocker, the additional virtual drive won’t still be accessible. There’s nothing like native support!

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    December 29, 2010
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    January 1er, 2011

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