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    June 17, 2010

     Computex: OCZ develops its own interface
      Posted on 15/06/2010 at 17:00 by Damien
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    OCZ is obviously feeling restricted with SATA 3 (6 Gbps) and the latest SAS standards and at Computex was showing a very fast prototype interface, the HSDL (High Speed Data Link). The basic idea is to be able to connect SSDs directly onto the PCI Express. This does however require some adaptation.

    First of all, a controller card is required, mainly for standard connectors but also to retain certain practical aspects such as hot plugging. The controller is quite minimalist though it must support relatively high speeds. OCZ is speaking about 20 Gbps at first with 40 Gbps later. The manufacturer is also talking about reads of 930 MB/s, writes of 790 MB/s and 75,000 IOPs (4K random writes).

    An HSDL SSD prototype, a x1 controller card in PCIe 4x and a x4 controller card in PCIe 8x.

    Next the SSDs will of course have to be adapted and their controller will have to be able to interface with the HSDL, which we imagine is very close to a PCI Express interface. Of course a new generation of SSD will be required that is able to benefit from such speeds.

    One important question remains: is it a good time for OCZ to develop a non-standard interface?

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    June 14, 2010
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    June 17, 2010

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