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  • Corsair takes the Dominator GT off the shelves
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    July 10, 2009

     Corsair takes the Dominator GT off the shelves
      Posted on 08/07/2009 at 13:00 by Marc
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    Corsair has temporarily removed its DDR3 Dominator GT memory kits from sale. It appears that part of these bars equipped with Elpida DDR3-2000 CAS 7 chips are defective. Corsair says that the percentage of defective kits is minimal but neverertheless unacceptable, which is good news for users who until now seem to have had a lot of problems returning their memory bars...

    According to tests carried out by Anantech, it seems as if Corsair is not the only manufacturer to have had the problem which seems to originate in the Elpida "Hyper RAM" chips that are also in the OCZ Blade 2133 chips. The symptoms observed are the following: either the bars “die” at POST, or the signs of weakness appear in usage, such as for example the OS not being able to map the whole memory. Some bars are fine at first and then aftern a few hours little by little stop supporting anything but lowest clocks down to 1200 MHz, which is a shame for 2000 MHz chips.

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    July 7, 2009
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    July 10, 2009

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