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  • AMD is launching its 6 core!
  • New Core i7: 133 MHz extra
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    June 1er, 2009
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    June 4, 2009

     New Core i7: 133 MHz extra
      Posted on 03/06/2009 at 10:37 by Marc
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    Intel has launched two new Core i7s:

    - Core i7-975 Extreme Edition at 3.33 GHz, $999
    - Core i7-950 at 3.06 GHz, $562

    Remember the Extreme Edition has an entirely configurable Turbo mode and you can increase the multiplier. The 975’s Turbo means you can go up to 3.6 GHz with a mono-thread application, as against 3.33 GHz for the 950.

    These processors are in fact priced at the same level as the Core i7-965 EE and 940, clocked at 3.20 and 2.93 GHz respectively. For the same price then, Intel is offering 133 MHz more 7 months down the line. As there’s a lack of competition at this level of performance it’s better than nothing but we would have appreciated a pricecut. The 965 and 940 will no doubt disappear and only the Core i7-920 at 2.66 GHz and $284 will remain.

    These last two Core i7s (975 and 950) only use the last D0 core, with the Core i7-920 also using this stepping. At this stepping, energy consumption is slightly down and you can overclock a bit further (around 200 MHz better).

    Offering the best performances for x86 processors, these new CPUs will, like their predecessors, make those using highly multi-threaded apps happy, but not so much gamers who will probably balk at the price difference with Core 2 and Phenom II platforms.

    Even more so as we don’t yet know exactly how the LGA1366² platform will evolve. Intel is planning an LGA1366 32 nm 6 core in 2010 but we don’t know if it will be compatible with current motherboards. The Lynnfield LGA1156 however, planned for the autumn, is promising and will make the Nehalem platform cheaper, but after this 4 core 45 nm Intel is not planning anything better than a 2 core 32 nm on this platform! We hope that Intel will reassure us on the development of these Sockets soon as it’s an important question for a good few of us.

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    June 1er, 2009
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    June 4, 2009

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