News of the day (March 31, 2010)

 Western Digital up to 750GB too
  Posted on 1270041167 by Benoit

We recently wrote about a new series of 2.5'' Toshiba hard drives, with capacities up to 750GB in a standard 9mm high casing.

Western Digital isn’t letting itself fall behind and has announced its own solution based on 375GB platters, the Scorpio Blue 750GB. They have been announced by Toshiba as economical in energy and optimised to run quietly.

Guaranteed for three years, these drives should soon be available at major resellers for around $149.

 Noctua to provide free AMD mounting upgrade kit!
  Posted on 1270039075 by Benoit

In the world of coolers, a relatively recent player, Noctua, has rapidly succeeded in becoming the reference on the market. Its flagship models, the NH-U12P and NH-U9B, are used in a lot of configurations. The performance, noise levels and exemplary service provided by Noctua are some of the reasons for this.

Nevertheless, these products did have a recurrent fault: it was up till now impossible to mount these coolers at 90° on an AMD configuration. While Intel uses a square fixture that allows you to mount the cooler in any direction, the AMD mounting is rectangular and means you have less flixibility in terms of the alignment when mounting it.

Noctua is showing its commitment to this market once again by announcing the NM-A90 upgrade kit, which allows its products to be mounted at 90°, even on an AMD socket, and is offering to supply it free to all those who have bought its products.

If you have an NH-U12P or an NH-U9B, as well as an AM2/AM2+/AM3 socket, you can request the NM-A90 via this link.

 Asus announces its 5870 Matrix
  Posted on 1270038165 by Benoit

While NVIDIA has just retaken the much coveted title of manufacturer with the most powerful mono-GPU card, Asus has officially announced its ROG 5870 Matrix, which will perhaps be able to compete with the latest NVIDIA card.

The ROG 5870 Matrix differs from the stock model on several points, beginning with the quantity of memory. The Matrix has 2 GB of GDDR5, respecting the clocks recommended by ATI. At high resolutions with filters activated, the Asus card should be able to outperform the stock 5870. The GPU is overclocked, going from 850 up to 894MHz. Here Asus is just 6MHz short of a round 900MHz!

Various other improvements have been made to the card. In particular note the SHE (Super Hybrid Engine) system, which adapts the power supply to the GPU according to load to reduce noise and heat levels. At the same time, Asus says that the cooling system has been revisited, allowing a higher flow of air and reducing temperatures by 13% on the original model.

This card will be part of Asus’ Republic Of Gamers range and should be available in mid-April for a little under €480.

 ATI launches the 5870 EyeFinity 6 at last!
  Posted on 1270024091 by Benoit

At last! Six months after showing it, ATI has today officially launched the 5870 Eyefinity 6 Edition. To recap, this is a standard 5870 card but with 2 GB of GDDR5 and 6 video outs so as to support 6 screens simultaneously (at a maximum resolution of 2560x1600).

As very few screens currently use the mini DisplayPort on the 5870 EyeFinity 6, manufacturers will have to supply adaptors. They’re likely to vary from brand to brand but we should have mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort, DisplayPort to DVI and DisplayPort to HDMI.

Sapphire and Powercolor have already announced their cards, available today at €489 and €449 respectively.

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