News of the day (August 30, 2011)

 Monitor Review: Dell U2412M /DVersus
  Posted on 1314691056 by Vincent

We've just finished testing the Dell U2412M, an updated version of the famous Dell U2410 monitor that's been designed to be a little bit less high-end in the hope of reducing costs.

The new Dell U2412M monitor is a more basic version of the ever-popular Dell U2410. Dell is hoping to meet the needs of its most demanding users for a more affordable monitor by removing some of the more expensive options. The new screen has the same IPS display, well-designed stand and USB hub, but doesn't come with factory pre-calibration or an extended gamut.

> Test: Dell U2412M

 HDD roundup: eight 2 TB hard drives!
  Posted on 1314655299 by Damien

2 TB hard drives currently offer the best capacity / price ratio, but which model should you go for? Hitachi, Samsung, Seagate and Western Digital take each other on in this 8 HDD comparative.

> HDD roundup: eight 2 TB hard drives!

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