News of the day (September 28, 2006)

 Demo of PCI-Express 2.0 by Rambus
  Posted on 1159425707 by Marc

During the IDF, Rambus made a demonstration of their PCI-Express 2.0 memory controller. This new version of the PCI Express make possible to reach for each PCI-Express link a data transfer rate of 500 MB /s instead of 250 MB /s for the first version.

Rambus' controller is based on the 0.5 version of the second generation of PCI-Express specifications. The PCI-SIG is now at the 0.9 version. The norm should be finalised at the end of the year and the first products will hit the stores during the second half 2007. Intel for example is planning on releasing the Bearlake-X chipset, supporting the PCI-Express 2.0, during the third quarter.

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