News of the day (January 21, 2010)

 28nm from TSMC in the 4th quarter
  Posted on 1264062677 by Benoit

TSMC very recently opened an extension to its Fab 12, so as to increase production capacity and respond to the “recent and urgent” increase in demand. Phase 5 of the Fab should begin mass production in the third quarter but also serve as the basis for R&D for the foundary for forthcoming technologies.

TSMC says that it is currently working on 28nm and 22nm engravings in the Fab 12 Phases 1 & 2, but 22nm and the processes to follow will in fact be finalised in phase 5. TSMC says moreover that it envisages launching mass production of 28nm in Fab 12 Phase 5 in the fourth quarter… or in the same period as GlobalFoundaries!

Reduction in the fineness of transistors is a critical point for the foundaries and it looks as if GlobalFoundaries’ arrival on the market is forcing TSMC to up its game.

 SandForce SSD from SuperTalent
  Posted on 1264059878 by Benoit

We’d already told you it would be and current releases are confirming it: 2010 looks set to be the year of the SSD. Prices are likely to fall, capacities increase and releases abound.

Today it’s over to SuperTalent to announce a new range. Designed for the pro sector, these TeraDrives will use the much anticipated SandForce SF-1500 and should give reads and writes in the order of 250 MB/s. No information has been given on random reads/writes and small files yet but the SandForce SF-1500 should be pretty efficient with these. Capacities range from 50 to 400 GB for MLC versions and 50 to 200 GB for SLC.

No prices have been given but they should be available in number as of March. We also believe SuperTalent are likely to announce another range of SSD soon for the general public, also based on a SandForce, this time the SF-1200.

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