News of the day (November 16, 2007)

 GeForce 8800 GTS 512 MB on December 3rd?
  Posted on 1195232788 by Nicolas

According to the Chinese site IT168, a new GeForce 8800 GTS 512 MB equipped with a G92 will be launched December 3rd. In terms of memory, there will obviously be a 256 bit bus versus the 320 bit of the older generation 8800 GTS 640 MB ; however, a frequency of 970 MHz versus the 800 MHz of the original version will allow it to attain 97% of its bandwidth.

If the published information is exact, this GPU will offer great performances because with GPU/shader core frequencies of 650/1625 MHz and 128 scalar processors, calculation power should surpass that of the 8800 Ultra. In addition, there will be improvement of the scheduler, a characteristic of the G92. We will just have to see if this information proves to be true knowing that final frequencies are occasionally set at the last minute.

 C2D E5000 45nm in April
  Posted on 1195229192 by Nicolas

ntended to replace the Core 2 series Q6000 & E6000 (quad and dual cores, respectively), the majority of Penryn desktops arriving in January are already known. However, we weren’t yet sure of what was to become of the Core 2 Duo E4000.

According to Digitimes, Intel could replace them with a Core 2 Duo E5000 starting in April. Prices will remain unchanged at around $133 each for thousand unit orders and there is no information concerning their specifications. This processor does, however, bring to mind a Wolfdale equipped with 3 MB of L2 cache and an FSB 1066 MHz which appeared on a roadmap several months ago.

Our Taiwanese colleagues also remind us of the planned release of a Core 2 Duo E8190 which is practically identical to the E8200 except that it is stripped of Trust Execution Technology & Virtualization Technology. This is good news for OEMs that are always happy to save a few dollars on large orders.

 ATI: Hotfix for Crysis
  Posted on 1195227208 by Nicolas

AMD has just discretely published a Hotfix of approximately 50 MB for Windows XP and Vista. These fixes which we would call voluntary beta driver corrections are destined for the Radeon HD 2000 and 3000 series. More specifically, it improves performances and remedies various bugs in Crysis including problems with textures in bushes, clouds and trees with DirectX 10 rendering. As for DirectX 9 rendering, there is the resolution of Anti-Aliasing problems with the Radeon HD 2900 and those which caused a random corruption of display. Also, performances with Anti-Aliasing activated and Crossfire should improve.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to directly link the two versions of the file or even the information page. To download them, you will need to go to Customer Care for ATI and then click on « 737-30533: Crysis: Radeon™ HD38xx/HD2xxx series Graphic corruption occurs during gameplay ».

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