News of the day (January 15, 2010)

 The GA-P455A-UD7 from Gigabyte
  Posted on 1263559391 by Benoit

After introducing USB 3.0 and SATA 6Gbps onto P55 motherboards and, more recently, AM3, Gigabyte now have another new motherboard. The GA-P55A-UD7 should be with us in February and will be the top-end Gigabyte LGA1156 offering.

A P55 board, the UD7 will also come with USB 3.0 and SATA 3 ports, supported via NEC and Marvell chips respectively. With four PCI-Express x16 slots, this card will be CrossFireX and Tri-SLI compatible thanks to the addition of an NF200 chip. The introduction of a PLX chip will allow it to link the NEC/Marvell chips to the system at 500 MB/s without having to use the PCI-Express lanes built into the processor. There are no less than 24 power phase caps for the processor and a chipset cooler designed to be connected to a watercooling system.

While no price has yet been given, we can well wonder how useful this high end card will be for Socket LGA1156. Indeed LGA1156 is limited at the mid and high-end but, with Gulftown on the way, socket LGA1366 is better placed for such a model.

 The price of DDR3 is up
  Posted on 1263553690 by Benoit

About a month ago we wrote about the relative stability of the price of RAM. While the price of DDR2-800 has remained pretty much constant ($2.43 compared to $2.38 in December), the price of DDR3-1333 has gone up quite a bit.

128 MB of DDR3 now costs $3.07 while a month ago it was only $2.52. As demand for DDR3 is growing, prices may well go up in shops as well.

The price of MLC Flash NAND is however on a downward trend. You can currently get 2GB of MLC Flash NAND for $4.42, as against $4.66 a month ago. While prices are far from what they were 6 months ago, we wanted to highlight this price fall as SSD sales are expected to explode in 2010.

 Intel: record results for fourth quarter
  Posted on 1263552144 by Benoit

Intel has just announced its quarterly results. Good times for the company, with a USD 10.6bn turnover, 28% up on the same period the previous year. They achieved a USD 2.3bn net profit, which is 875% up on the previous year!

All’s well with the firm from Santa Clara then, especially as a record margin of 65% was recorded showing an increase of 12% on last year. Note that these figures take into account the out of court settlement to AMD – otherwise profits for the quarter would be USD 3.1bn.

Intel continues in top form then and is starting 2010 a lot more comfortably than its rival AMD.

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