News of the day (February 12, 2008)

 The Commission orders searches at Intel
  Posted on 1202845730 by Nicolas

Intel was recently able to present its point of view to the European Commission on a possible abuse of dominant position. However, the latter evidently was not entirely convinced because yesterday it confirmed having carried out search warrants at the company and some of its clients with the support of each country’s homologue agencies.

Of course, Intel’s Munich offices were targets but there was also Medimarkt-Saturn in Germany, DSG in England and even PPR Purchasing (Fnac and Surcouf) in France. So here is something that should motivate the Californian Company to refine its discourse that it will share in its hearing planned for March 11th and 12th before the Commission. Moreover, the agency stated that its actions are no indication on the investigation’s final result. Note that in July 2005, other similar searches were carried out.

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