News of the day (September 5, 2006)

 NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GTO?
  Posted on 1157458545 by Marc

Logo NvidiaIn the last drivers released by NVIDIA, we noticed that a GeForce 7900 GTO was also supported. According to our sources, this card will only be in fact a special and limited edition of the 7900 GT. It will be a little faster because of a higher GPU frequency. The price of this card will be right between the 7900 GS ($199) and the 7950 GT ($299). The price of the 7900 GT is currently $260 in the US.

After seriously infecting ATI, the syndrome of the multiplication of the number references seems to have regrettably reached NVIDIA. Even if it sometime leads to great deals (we hope that the 7900 GTO will be one), having a high number of references isn't the best thing for the user who is looking for the graphic card of his dreams. A 7900? Ok, but which one? GS? GT? GTX? GX2? Yes but there is also a GTO...

We also noted that the name chosen by NVIDIA is the same than ATI for similar products. Knowing that ATI now uses the name GT, we have to say that it is fair…

 Celeron D 360, 3.46 GHz
  Posted on 1157450121 by Marc

Without specific announcements or price list update, Intel has discreetly added a new Celeron D to the existing list. The 65 nm Celeron D 360 is clocked at 3.46 GHz, supports FSB533 and has 512 KB of cache L2.

According to The Register, this CPU would be sold $84 instead of $74 for the 356 version at 3.3 GHz. To compare, the AMD Sempron 3500+ and 3400+ are respectively priced $91 and $71.

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