News of the day (November 3, 2012)

 AMD Kaveri and Steamroller delayed?
  Posted on 1351961033 by Marc

Launched in 2011 with Bulldozer, the AMD CMT architecture was originally supposed to go through several incarnations:

- Piledriver in 2012
- Steamroller in 2013
- Excavator in 2014

The last public roadmap dating from February only made mention of Kaveri, an APU with Steamroller for 2013 with ‘GCN’ type cores – like the Radeon 7000s – and engraved at 28nm.

DonanimHaber has got its hands on a more recent roadmap on which there’s no mention of Kaveri for 2013. In its place, we have Richland, a development of Trinity still using x86 Pildriver cores and "Radeon 2.0" graphics cores which are apparently still VLIW4s (as opposed to the VLIW5s used on Llano).

Nothing much new then except the ‘HSA enhancements’, perhaps the combination of CPU and GPU memory space that was mentioned here for 2013. Nothing has been said concerning the process used for this APU. For AM3+, like in February, we're still on Vishera, while at entry level, the Kabini APU and its Jaguar cores will replace Brazos 2.0 and its Bobcat cores.

All this, then, is bad news that risks putting AMD in a difficult situation in the face of the Intel Haswell assault that is slated for the second quarter of 2013.

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