News of the day (August 2, 2007)

 AMD’s DisplayPort 1.1 tests are successful
  Posted on 1186082484 by Nicolas

AMD has announced successful test results of interoperability between an upcoming graphic processor equipped with a native DisplayPort 1.1 transmitter and a Genesis Microchip DisplayPort receiver. In addition, at this moment the company is taking part in the Video and Electronics Standards Association’s (VESA) PlugTest in Milpitas, California in order embark on other interoperability tests.

You may recall that this interface, whose 1.1 standard was finalized in the beginning of April and which aims to replace current DVI, LVDS and (in the long term) VGA standards, is now compatible with the HDCP 1.3 norm and offers optional audio support. Moreover, it is destined for both PC desktops and laptops.

The press release specified that this is the fruit of long time collaboration between AMD and Genesis Microchip. In the current delicate context, this company is right to communicate its successful results and supposed advances in this domain. We’ll just have to see if it goes as well with other products that most likely did not benefit from such cooperation and if ATI and not Intel or Nvidia will to be the first to offer graphic circuits with such an interface.

 Radeon HD 2400 problem: follow up
  Posted on 1186055702 by Damien

We now know a little more on the solution to the problem involving the Radeon HD 2400 in yesterday’s news. It cannot be corrected by a simple bios update and it appears component related. More specifically, there is a lack of compatibility with the capacitor and certain power supplies. The production of corrected cards will start as soon as manufacturers are assured that the problem has been remedied.

 Problem with the Radeon HD 2400 Pro
  Posted on 1186016674 by Damien

While testing the Radeon HD 2400 Pro, we came across a strange problem where the screen was corrupted after starting the system. We first thought that we had a defective card and obtained another one, however the same problem occurred. It turned out there is an incompatibility with certain power supplies, notably Enermax’s Galaxy series, which we happen to use. We were able to confirm this by using another power supply, a CoolerMaster, with which the card functioned perfectly.

This is what the screen looks like with a Radeon HD 2400 Pro low profile and certain power supplies.

When we enquired about this with the manufacturer that supplied us with the cards, they rapidly identified the problem and canceled shipments until this is remedied. We won’t publish their name because the information is more or less confidential. However, the problem comes from the reference PCB for the Radeon HD 2400 Pro low profile, which is used by a number of manufacturers, some of whom have already started commercializing their cards.

While waiting to know more about the arrival of a corrected version, we don’t recommend you opt for a Radeon HD 2400 Pro low profile which are currently available and are all theoretically susceptible to have problems with certain power supplies.

Also note that Digitimes has indicated that the Radeon HD 2400 and 2600 suffer from a defect related to the bios that was not detected because of a bug in the diagnostic program and AMD official validation. For this reason, a number of cards were recalled. This is probably a different problem than the one we found, however, this is bad news for AMD who clearly does not need this right now.

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