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  • Sandy Bridge: Intel to limit overclocking!
  • SandForce SSDs at 40, 80 and 120 GB
  • Western confirmed at no.1
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     Sandy Bridge: Intel to limit overclocking!
      Posted on 26/07/2010 at 11:05 by Marc - source: HKEPC
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    With the arrival of Sandy Bridge, Intel looks as if it has decided to change its strategy with regard to overclocking as it currently stands. The LGA1155 platform based on the forthcoming Cougar Point (P67) chipset will in fact have no external PLL and all management of clocks will be integrated into the PCH. Apparently all clocks are tied to a single clock generator, such that the new base clock, the DMICLK, can only be overlcocked by 2-3% before there are problems with other buses, such as USB or SATA!

    Overclocking is however reported still to be possible, but only in as much as it’s controlled by Intel themselves. The company thus seems to be counting on selling processors that are not constrained in terms of the multiplier, as is currently the case with “K” range. These CPUs could have a maximum multiplier of 57, namely 7.6 GHz if the base clock remains at 133.33 MHz Other models are said to be partially unlocked, without the multiplier limit currently being fixed. On the memory side, as long as you have a P67-type chipset, it will be possible to go up to DDR3-2133.

    The future high-end LGA2011 platform, based on the Sandy Bridge E and Patsburg (X68) chipset won’t have these limitations as management of clocks will be more standard, which will allow you to overclock via the DMICLK. In terms of CPU multipliers, Intel is expecting to offer partially unlocked XE versions up to x57 and standard versions that will be fully unlocked.

    In the months running up to the release of any architecture, there are always rumours on Intel’s attempts to end overclocking. This time things are different because it’s a question of different overclocking altogether, abandoning the option of overclocking by the bus and replacing this with overclocking via the multiplier on LGA1155. This will therefore give Intel more control over final overclocking by limiting it on partially unlocked CPUs and selling it at a higher price on unlocked CPUs. In the medium term, if we’re pessimistic, we might envisage Intel going even further, with a second step completely limiting LGA1155 CPUs, leaving the field solely to the more expensive LGA2011.

    Without ending overclocking altogether, then, Intel is looking to regain control. It remains to be seen what they’ll do with this control and if motherboard manufacturers don’t find a way of giving the power back to users on LGA1155 between now and the release of Sandy Bridge.

     SandForce SSDs at 40, 80 and 120 GB
      Posted on 26/07/2010 at 10:26 by Marc
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    Corsair has extended its range of Force SSDs based on the SandForce SF-1200 controller with the F40, F80 and F160 with respective capacities of 40, 80 and 160 GB. Up until now SandForce SSDs have generally been available in 60, 120 and 240 GB versions, so these new capacities are unusual. Here, Corsair is clearly targetting Intel’s X25 range which is available in similar capacities.

    In terms of performance, Corsair has announced read speeds of 280 MB/s and writes of 270 MB/s in ATTO, figures we’ll need to check with already compressed data, and 50,000 IOPS for random 4 KB writes, which indicates that the SF-1200 is not limited on these SSDs. In terms of pricing, the F40 will cost around €120, the F80 €220 and the F160 €420. Availability is slated for August.

     Western confirmed at no.1
      Posted on 26/07/2010 at 10:17 by Marc
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    After overtaking Seagate in the previous quarter with 51.1 million disks sold against 50.3 for Seagate, Western has confirmed its position at the top with 49.7 million disks sold in the last quarter. Seagate recorded a disappointing (!) 46.8 million units sold. The maker of the Caviars is, then, still in pole position on the hard drive market, in front of Seagate. These two manufacturers together sell over 60% of all hard drives, a long way in front of number three, Hitachi, who sell around twice as few.

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