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SSD 2012 roundup: Sixteen 120 and 128 GB SATA 6G SSDs SSD 2012 roundup: Sixteen 120 and 128 GB SATA 6G SSDs

An SSD, okay, but which one? It was about time we put the latest models up against the older ones and this is what we’ve done with this review of sixteen 120 and 128 GB SATA 6G SSDs!

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Last Reviews
OCZ Octane 512 GB and Indilinx Everest vs Crucial M4 512 GB
Bought by OCZ in 2011, Indilinx is taking centre stage once again with a new controller, Everest, to follow up its success with Barefoot. The first SSD to run on the Everest is the OCZ Octane. How does it perform?
Crucial M4 vs Crucial C300 at 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB
Crucial are currently the only manufacturer to market an affordable “new generation” SSD with the M4 64 GB. How does it do compared to its predecessor, the C300 64 GB and the C300 M4 128 and 256 GB models?
SSD 2011 roundup: Crucial M4, OCZ Vertex 3, Intel 510/320
This year, we’ve seen the release of various new SSDs from the standout manufacturers, Crucial, OCZ and Intel. Does any one model stand out from the rest? Here’s our report on the 120 to 300 GB versions!
8 affordable SSDs, 32 to 64 GB
What about an SSD for less than €150, or even under €100? They do exist, small capacity SSDs, between 32 and 64 GB. How do these models compare to the larger capacitiy versions?
SSD 2010 roundup: 15 SSDs compared
Over the last few months, several new SSD controllers have appeared. What do these SandForce, Marvell, SanDisk, JMicron and Toshiba controllers give in comparison to the older Indilinx, Intel and Samsungs?
SSD, TRIM and IOMeter
Has TRIM implementation in Windows 7 sorted out the problems of performance deterioration? We’re taking another look at the TRIM command, as well as IOMeter, a powerful tool which isn’t fully adapted to SSDs.
Intel X25-M V2 (Postville)
Intel has launched a new version of the X25-M SSD. Less expensive thanks to 34 nm Flash chips, it is also supposed to give better performance. How does it do in practice against ten other SSDs?
Intel X25-M, round 2 : 10 SSDs compared
8 months after coming out, the X25-M has finally been provided by Intel with a firmware designed to resolve its main default. What does this do for the X25-M in practice against the competition?

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