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Roundup: entry level Z77 Express motherboards from AsRock, Asus, Gigabyte and MSI
by Guillaume Louel
Published on December 28, 2012

Overall performance

With the integration of the memory controller onto the processor die and the disappearance of the northbridge, the performance difference between motherboards has become almost nonexistant. We did nevertheless want to check to see if performance levels were what we expected on all our test models.

PC Mark Vantage

We used PC Mark Vantage first of all. We used two tests, ‘Suite’ which uses extracts of different scenarios in the application and ‘Productivity’.

The performance of the various cards is very similar. They're also identical to those of the high end models, which is no surprise!


Next we used 7-Zip in which we carried out a file compression in LZMA2 mode. We used a Vertex 3 Max IOPS SSD connected to a 6 Gb/s port on the Z77 to carry out the test on all the motherboards.

Once again, the differences are minimal and due to the error margin in our benchmark.

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