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AMD FX-8150 and FX-6100, Bulldozer arrives on AM3+
by Marc Prieur
Published on December 6, 2011

AMD FX-8150 and FX-6100 reviews
For this test, AMD lent us an AMD FX-8150 processor. Given the presence of Turbo mode, there’s no way of simulating the other processors in the range reliably. We did however manage to obtain an FX-6100 from another source:

From an external point of view and processor branding excepted, nothing differentiates the AMD FXs from other AM3 processors. We did however manage to locate a difference. AMD hasn’t yet said anything on this but while the northbridge is clocked at 2.0 GHz on the FX-6100 (the same as on the Phenom IIs), it’s clocked at 2.2 GHz on the FX-8150.

The AMD FX-8150 was accompanied by an ASUS Crosshair Formula V motherboard, a very high-end board. As we didn’t really see the point of using a motherboard that was almost as expensive as the processor, and after having checked that performance levels were the same, we used a much more affordable ASUS M5A99X EVO with bios 810 supplied by ASUS for the AMD FXs. This will also give us a better comparison in terms of total energy consumption of the system at idle.

Note moreover, with the original bios the system didn’t boot with an AMD FX and we had to update the bios with an AM3 processor. It has to be hoped that motherboards sold in stores will already have a bios that allows you to boot with an AMD FX!

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