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AMD FX-8150 and FX-6100, Bulldozer arrives on AM3+
by Marc Prieur
Published on December 6, 2011

Performance averages
Although individual app results are worth looking at, we have also calculated a performance index based on all tests with the same weight for each test. For the first time we've included two averages, one that’s applied across all the tests with the exclusion of 3D games and the other specific to 3D games.

[ Standard ]  [ By performance ]

The FX-8150 is the fastest AMD processor on the applications average. The gain of 6.9% is however limited considering the resources employed and the FX-8120, which is priced at the same level as the 1100T, will almost certainly be down on this score. This is the case for the 6100T, which is down on the 1055T in spite of being priced at the same level. The positioning in comparison to the Intel offer is however okay, with the FX-8150 coming between the 2500K and 2600K both in terms of performance and pricing.

[ Standard ]  [ By performance ]

Unfortunately in 3D games, the results aren’t good. Rarely able to exploit more than four cores intensively, games aren't able to make the most of the AMD FX resources, with Turbo not making up for the drop in IPC. Performance levels are slightly down on the Phenom IIs and even the Core i3-2100 does better. Here the AMD FXs are on a par with the Q9650, which was released by Intel almost four years ago.

Of course, in our tests we looked for cases where gaming performance was limited by the CPU and not the GPU, this in spite of using a resolution of 1920*1080 and high graphics settings. Of course, if we used scenes that put less of a demand on the CPU and/or increased the graphics settings that only have an impact on the GPU so as to stop us from achieving the sort of framerates made possible on the highest performance CPUs (via AA or the resolution), we would see less of a difference between the different CPU platforms.

In cases which are limited by GPU performance, it would even be possible to see the AMD FX platform take a slight lead, particularly in SLI / CrossFire X because of the 2x16 support against 2x8 on LGA 1155. This slight advantage wouldn’t however make up for the enormous gulf between these solutions when performance is limited by the CPU.

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