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AMD FX-8150 and FX-6100, Bulldozer arrives on AM3+
by Marc Prieur
Published on December 6, 2011

3d Studio Max 2011 - Mental Ray

We now move on to the practical tests, firstly with a 3D rendering in 3d Studio Max 2011 using the Mental Ray rendering engine on an Evermotion scene. We carried the rendering out at 600*375 so as not to extend the length of the test too much.

The FX-8150 was a disappointment here, not managing any better than the Phenom II X6 1100T. The FX-6100 though sold at the same price as the 1055T, is a good way behind. The AMD offer is however still well positioned opposite the Intel offer at the same tarif, with the FX-8150 falling between the 2500K and the 2600K, which is no great exploit when you consider the excessive number of transistors used.
3d Studio Max 2011 - V-Ray 2.0

Still in 3d Studio Max 2011, we changed the engine for the more popular third party engine, V-Ray 2. We used another version of the same scene prepared by Evermotion for this engine, still with a 600*375 rendering. Rendering times are a good deal faster but of course we’re not carrying out a comparison of the engines themselves or the quality of the final files.

This time the FX-8150 is significantly up on the 1100T, but the FX-6100 remains down on the 1055T, which is nevertheless sold at the same price. This allows the FX-8150 to get closer to the 2600K, though there is still a comfortable gap between the two.

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