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Roundup: 10 high-end CPU coolers
by Marc Prieur
Published on September 28, 2011

be quiet! Dark Rock Pro C1

A larger version of the Advanced tested on the previous page, the Dark Rock Pro C1 has a seventh heatpipe and two 120 mm PWM fans, one sandwiched between two groups of fins. It comes with a multilingual installation manual and a tube of thermal paste.

The same issues as we experienced with the Advanced come up again here, namely the need to screw the fan onto the back of the motherboard, which, as we said, is impractical when the motherboard is already in the casing, even if you access it from behind the socket. Once again, the thermal paste that comes with the fan is dry and difficult to spread out and we had the same problem with the plate at the back of the motherboard when we tried to squeeze it as tightly as we could to our test motherboard (Intel DP67GG).

The Dark Rock Pro is bigger than the Advanced and it extends over two DIMMs when fitted with one fan and above four when fitted with two. There is 40 mm of space under the cooler all the same, which means you can use bars with medium-sized radiators, such as the G.Skill Ripjaws.


The Dark Rock Pro fans rotate faster than the Advanced's fan (1700 rpm against 1500 rpm) and the difference in terms of noise levels is noticeable. While it remains silent at 5V and 7V, at 9V it's as loud as the Advanced is at 12V and at 12V it starts to get noisy.

What is interesting is that having two fans has hardly any impact on noise levels. When it comes to cooling, the second fan reduces temperatures by a few °C, especially at 5V, but doesn’t revolutionise the situation. Given that there’s hardly any additional noise, you may as well use it! While the Advanced couldn’t handle the demands of the highest overclocking setting, here the Pro can dissipate the 177 Watts required of it.
As with the Advanced, it's a shame that the mounting system isn’t easier to deal with. The be quiet! Dark Rock Pro C1 really is a handsome cooler but like the Advanced, doesn’t manage to outshine other models in the same category.

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