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Roundup: 10 high-end CPU coolers
by Marc Prieur
Published on September 28, 2011

Scythe Susanoo

Watch out, this one’s a monster! The Susanoo from Scythe clearly stands out, both by its design and its weight (1580g). With no fewer than 12 heatpipes, the Susanoo has a large fin surface area cooled by four 100 mm fans. All DC, they’re connected to a flat angle PCI bracket that allows you to regulate rotation speed – direct regulation is impossible as the power is supplied by a Molex socket. The Susanoo comes with a packet of thermal paste and a multilingual manual, which, again, lacks illustrations.

As with the Mine 2 and the be quiet!, you screw the cooler onto a plate fixed onto the back of the motherboard. This isn’t very practical and makes it impossible to mount the system inside the case, even if you have access to the back of the card.

In terms of size, it's hard to do worse, or better, depending on your point of view. Worse still, the Susanoo, measuring 20x20 cm, even partly extends over the graphics card. There is however enough space underneath not to prevent you installing your memory bars and a flow of air serves to cool them nicely.


Like the Mine 2, the Susanoo isn’t silent at 5V and, again, you can go lower, taking noise levels down to 22 dBA using the bracket supplied. The Susanoo cools better than the Mine 2: it would have been disappointing if it didn’t considering how big it is!

Overall the Susanoo is one of the best, just behind the Silver Arrow, with noise levels around the 25 dBA mark. When fan speed is upped however, noise levels also go up fast but without a concomitant reduction in heat, which makes increasing fan speed of limited interest.
An unusual model, the Susanoo is more of a technical demonstration than anything else. In spite of all that metal, we still prefer the Silver Arrow though some will like the Susanoo for its overall cooling performance.

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