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AMD A8-3850 and A6-3650: staking it on the APU
by Guillaume Louel
Published on August 28, 2011


Letís begin our CPU tests with Cinebench, firstly in single-threaded mode:

No surprises here, while the A8-3850 is slightly up on the Athlon II X4 635, which is, remember, clocked at the same frequency, the Phenom IIs dominate with higher clocks on the AMD side. With their slightly more evolved architecture, the Core i3s are in the lead: they give higher performance on a single core. The A6 brings up the rear here (remember, itís on sale at the same price as the Core i3 2100).

Now letís move on to multithreaded performance.

The A8-3850 and A6-3650 outdo the equivalently priced Intel offer here. The Core i3ís, to recap, are dual-core processors with HyperThreading technology. Although there are four threads, performance isnít identical to a quad core. The Phenom IIs dominate in this test.BR>

Let's now move on to an encoding test in x264. We use the frontend Staxrip on the 720p Avatar scene used in our x264 encoder comparative, with 2 passes and the "Medium" profile.

The A8-3850 once again outperforms the Intel Core i3s, but once again the Phenom IIs dominate in terms of processor performance in this price range. To recap, the Phenom II 965 is available at the same price as the A8-3850 and the Core i3-2120 (around 130 euros). The A6-3650 is on an equal footing with its direct competitor: its two additional cores donít make up for the clock and architecture differences.

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