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Crucial M4 vs Crucial C300 at 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB
by Marc Prieur
Published on June 24, 2011

Practical tests: Files
Moving onto the practical tests, we started by looking at write and read speeds for various groups of files. These groups were composed in the following way:

- Extra large: 731.17 MB on average
- Large files: 5.2 MB on average
- Medium sized files: 800.88 KB on average
- Small files: 48.78 KB on average

We used a RamDisk as the source or the target for reads or writes on the SSD. In view of the rapidity of recent SSDs and so as to obtain results that are subject to as little variation as possible, we used Robocopy with an in-house piece of software which enables us to carry the tests out repeatedly.

[ 6G - Reads ]  [ 3G - Reads ]  [ 6G - Writes ]  [ 3G - Writes ]

In reads all the C300s are on a par. Slower with small files, the M4s come back into things with medium sized files and then take the lead with large and extra large files, with speeds of up to 355 MB/s on the 64 and 128 GB versions. The 256 GB version is the slowest of the M4s overall with slightly lower performance on reads of small, medium and extra large files. Switching to 3G has an impact on the speeds of all transfers but is most noticeable at highest speeds on the largest files.

As expected, write performance varies greatly according to SSD capacity. The M4 64 GB has it over the C300 64 GB in all areas but the M4 128 and 256 GB models fall behind the C300 128 and 256 GB SSDs when it comes to writes of small files. They are faster in the other cases. This time using the SATA 3G interface only has a limited impact but strangely the M4 128 is more affected than the C300 256. The M4 256 GB is most impacted by switching to SATA 3G as it gives the highest performance.

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