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Components returns rates
by Marc Prieur
Published on May 6, 2011


- Intel 0.3% (against 0.6%)
- Kingston 1.2% (against 2.4%)
- Crucial 1.9% (against 2.2%)
- Corsair 2.7% (against 2.2%)
- OCZ 3.5% (against 2.9%)

Sign of the times, this time SSDs have their own page in our classification report. Intel stands out once again with an even lower returns rate than last time! The others are far behind, though Crucial and above all Kingston have improved their rates. In fact, if you look at Crucial’s figures more closely, you can see that the M225 range, now being phased out, is bringing the average down. The C300s have a returns rate of just 1.0% over the period.

In contrast, Corsair and OCZ haven’t done as well as last time. Focussing in a bit more, the Vertex 2s, OCZ’s most recent range, have a rate of 3.6%, which is a long way behind Intel.

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