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H.264 encoding - CPU vs GPU: Nvidia CUDA, AMD Stream, Intel MediaSDK and x264
by Guillaume Louel
Published on August 18, 2011

Cyberlink MediaEspresso, Avatar 1080p
Will the Cyberlink software do any better at 1080p? To recap, we use a bitrate of 10 Mbit/s on the following extracts!

As at 720p, the GeForce and MediaSDK encoders have a constant bitrate. The Radeon encoder worked and the SSIM scores lead us to think that the frames are out of synch.

To be precise, the discrepancies are +3 frames in CPU mode, decode and HD 3000 encode and +1 frame in Radeon encode/full mode.

Note for once, GPU decoding doesn’t slow down the encoding. We are giving you the links to our graphs below, in the interests of thoroughness, but the fact that the frames are out of synch makes the results impossible to compare:

Click here to see the SSIM graph for this scene.

Click here to see the PSNR graph for this scene.

We compensated for the discrepancies manually to produce the visual comparison of the frames. Let’s see what this gives us!

Click here to display the frame comparison in a new tab.

The results are rather blurred all in all. The CPU encoder version gives the best sharpness.

If you wish to see the graphs of our motion blur scene in spite of the frame discrepancies, click here for the SSIM readings and here for the PSNR. Looking at the visuals:

Click here to display the frame comparison in a new tab.

The HD 3000 version struggles, but all the versions give a measured result. The pure CPU encoding still gives the best result.

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