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Report: NVIDIA responds to AMD with the GeForce GTX 590
by Damien Triolet
Published on May 13, 2011

Crysis Warhead

Crysis Warhead replaces Crysis and has the same resource-heavy graphics engine. We tested it in version 1.1 and 64-bit mode as this is the main innovation. Crytek has renamed the different graphics quality modes, probably so as not to dismay gamers who may be disappointed at not being able to activate the highest quality mode because of excessive demands on system resources. The high quality mode has been renamed as “Gamer” and the very high is called “Enthusiast”. This is the one we tested.

The Radeon HD 6900s do pretty well here and benefit from having 2 GB of memory at 2560x1600 AA8x.

The GeForce GTX 560s in SLI haven’t got enough memory to launch Crysis in these conditions. The same goes for the Radeons in CrossFire when they are only equipped with 1 GB of memory, but only when antialiasing is activated. Triple CrossFire comes in very useful here!

Crysis isn’t very well adapted to 3D stereo and NVIDIA’s driver isn’t very efficient, which means too many concessions, with 3D results pretty average even then. We therefore consider Crysis Warhead unplayable in stereo 3D.

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