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Report: NVIDIA responds to AMD with the GeForce GTX 590
by Damien Triolet
Published on May 13, 2011

Far Cry 2

This version of Far Cry isn’t really a great development as Crytek made the first episode in any case. As the owner of the licence, Ubisoft handled its development, with Crytek working on Crysis. No easy thing to inherit the graphics revolution that accompanied Far Cry, but the Ubisoft teams have done pretty well, even if the graphics don’t go as far as those in Crysis. The game is also less resource heavy which is no bad thing. It has DirectX 10.1 support to improve the performance levels of compatible cards. We installed patch 1.02 and used the “ultra high” quality graphics mode.

Although the GeForces do particularly well in Far Cry 2, the CrossFire system does slightly better than the SLI, which allows the Radeons to position themselves better. Strangely, the Radeon HD 6950 1 GB cards give significantly higher performance than the Radeon HD 6950 2 GBs.

For reasons unknown to us, the Radeons are greatly limited by the CPU in Far Cry 2 in surround gaming, which gives the GeForces an advantage. The CrossFire solutions stay over 60 fps however and allow you to enjoy Far Cry 2 without any problem in these conditions.

All the solutions are able to give 60 fps per eye in this test.

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