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Roundup: 15 affordable coolers
by Marc Prieur
Published on July 11, 2011

Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus

The CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Plus is one of seven solutions in this report that uses a 120mm fan. This extends the cooling area and also, in theory at least, gives more effective fan cooling. With no fewer than four heatpipes, it comes with a multilingual installation guide and a tube of thermal paste.
CoolerMaster have gone for a mounting system that requires the placement of a plate under the motherboard. This system is the most secure for large coolers but with most casings you’ll need to uninstall the motherboard from an existing bracket, which lengthens installation time. Once this multi platform plate has been fixed on, you screw the cooler onto it. Then the fan is fixed using metal bars.

Optimal orientation means memory bars with large radiators can’t be used on the first slot on our test LGA 1155 motherboard, though they can be on the second. In spite of the fact that it is mounted with the same orientation on the AM3 motherboard, no DIMM was affected on our card with the gap from the centre of the CPU to the 1st DIMM 51mm against 50mm on the Intel motherboard.

Like the TX3, the 212 Plus cools the 2600K well at 7V and hardly makes any noise doing so. Once again however you can hear the motor noise which isn’t very pleasant. It still cools the 4.5 GHz overclocking at 9V though the noise levels go up to 29.5 dBA, noticeable but still reasonable. You won’t be able to overclock up to 4.8 GHz with this cooler however.
Like the TX3, the Hyper 212 Plus offers an excellent cooling to cost ratio. Unfortunately they also both have the same faults, namely poorer quality fan build and the fact that the motor is audible, something that may well get worse after several weeks of usage.

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