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Roundup: 15 affordable coolers
by Marc Prieur
Published on July 11, 2011

Akasa X4 AK-968

The Akasa X4 is a standard tower cooler with three copper heatpipes that lead into a copper base that comes into contact with the processor. The fins are cooled by a 92mm PWM fan. It comes with an installation manual and a sachet of thermal paste.
It’s easiest to mount on an Intel platform as official Intel clips are used. You simply position them according to the motherboard (LGA 775, 1155/1156 or LGA1366), press them in and hey presto! On an AMD platform you have to take the pre-installed Intel brackets off. Unscrew the four screws to do this and then you’ll be able to use the standard AMD clips.

Optimal orientation means memory bars with large radiators can’t be used on the first slot on our test LGA 1155 and AM3 motherboards, though they can be on the second.

While it’s quiet at 5V, the Akasa X4 unfortunately doesn’t have sufficient cooling power for the Core i7-2600K. At 7V it’s no longer quiet but remains contained. For a standard overclocking of the CPU, you need to take the fan up to 12V but noise levels are then far too high.
Though not one of the most affordable solutions, the Akasa X4 only gives average thermal performance overall. A model to be avoided.

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